Red and the Rebels

Rock band

Red and the Rebels is a local four-piece band that plays engaging and ethereal rock 'n roll music. Formed in 2019, the band has a full-length LP and three single releases under their belt. Having built up a following both online/on TikTok and in their hometown of Austin, Red and the Rebels has played to crowds at venues such as: Shenanigan's, Come and Take It: LIVE, Giddy Ups, and more.

Red and the Rebels' music resonates with a variety of people with their versatile songwriting and unique sound. From the folk genre, to rock 'n roll, to the atmospheric genre , the band captures the best qualities from every style they're inspired by.


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    Blue 3:19
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Press photos

Larry - Live at GiddyUps

Deidre - Live at GiddyUps

Drew - Live at Anderson Mill Pub

Ralph - Live at GiddyUps

Red & the Rebels -Live at Anderson Mill Pub


Press / Reviews

"They're like a rock band shredding at a Renaissance's nice to see folk-rockers getting back in the mix with prog. Reminiscent of early work from bands like Yes and King Crimson." -Thomas Burns Scully w/ Inbox Records


 "'Red'is a multi-talented female performer with an outstanding band. This band broke the Purple Barn attendance record during their last appearance." -Lon Bozarth of The Purple Barn

"She’s nothing short of a rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse and is displaying the beauty of the music through her remarkable sound. She has that soul and power that makes us all remember why we love rock ‘n’ roll the way that we do." -Banded PR

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